It was All Well before the Coach Arrived

It was All Well before the Coach Arrived

I abandoned Weitat by not joining him at the hall earlier, and instead, I stayed inside the office to struggle till near 7pm. It was quite a satisfying evening.

By the time I went down, more than half of the people had arrived. We started playing with ten players. Without Mingfa and Jingkun, we somehow still managed to proceed with laughers.

The great thing was that my sprained index finger had finally shown great improvements that I could play without taping it; nevertheless, it was still strengthless and did continue to give me pains.

Jingpeng arrived to make it six verses five and the fun resumed.

When the greatest “coach” arrived to start giving lectures of his wisdom knowledge of volleyball, of no recognised value, the atmosphere turned sour.

I usually wished to keep things quiet down and not creating any problem; for this, I would tell myself to ignore bastards. However, it seemed that I could never ignore their presence.

Pests forge ignorance to the problems they cause to the others; being thick-skinned usually wins the race because there are too many kind hearted souls who do not like to challenge.

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