MSN is a Liability

Having more than three hundreds contacts in MSN is definitely a distraction. They will not have time to chat with even five percent of the contacts each week and most of the contacts who message them simply are seeking helps from them.

This may be manageable during school days when there are fewer commitments; however, is so unhealthy when users start to venture into the working society, with unfulfilled dreams.

They become guilty for adding friends who they do not even have time to message. Months later, some of the contacts start to forget who they are; and some even start deleting them from the contact lists.

MSN is more of a liability.

Why do busy people still connect to their MSN when they understand the fact that they will be distracted more than they get to enjoy relaxing chats to relieve their stress? It is an enjoyment to help others but not at the stake of slowing down their dreams.

Since using of “Appear Offline” status is a hypocrite mean and that it still poses some distractions, shutting down the Messenger is a better solution.

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