Night of West Coast MacDonald's

Initially Mike was supposed to meet up with me on Monday to discuss about the future plan but he decided to indulge himself into his new upcoming website instead. It had been long since we last met up and of course, the progress of waiting for his company start-up was even longer.

It was good that he was back to web building, which in turn inspired and motivated me to work harder as well. It had been a week since I halted my work for all the outings and blogging work.

I had a last minute get together with Irwin at night. He took his brother’s car and drove me to West Coast MacDonald’s where we had a great chit-chat. In the midst of our conversation, we tried to spike each other to progress in our work.

The peace and great ambience was good for work. If only I could have an office like that, or at least a vehicle for easy travelling.

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