Playing Golf at Queens Townclub

I did the most unexpected thing on this Tuesday, which was playing golf. It was a good recommendation by Irwin before he left Singapore again.

The afternoon placed me in sweat. I was with my gang at CCAB and my bag was inside Weitat’s car boot. The match we were watching ended late and thus I delayed the meeting time with Irwin. I was lost when I realised they were not going to leave any soon. The place was not very accessible and the fastest way was to wait for Weitat to drop me at Queenstown MRT station.

I was unable to direct Irwin to the place but he was alright to make the trip down to fetch me. I waited at the main gate at Evans Road, which was opposite Mr Prata shop. After the long wait with many cabs passed by, I regretted not flagging for any of them and arranging to meet Irwin at Queenstown MRT station directly. I supposed I could have taken Weitat’s ride.

So, I boarded Irwin’s car in guilt some time later. In fact, joining my gang at CCAB was a wrong decision even though I would be loitering outside all by myself if I were to part with them right after lunch.

Anyway, it was my first trip to Queens Townclub, which was near Margaret Road and besides a prison. The weather was too welcoming for relaxation and I almost thought it would drizzle.

I felt weird to be at a place which was supposed to be very high class, though the place looked shabbier than what I had imagined. It was still a marvellous place after all, which was very good for relaxation.

My first swing of the club was still alright, for at least it did not land within five metres. I missed the ball many times and the grass carpet probably hated me for hitting it. I tried hard to get my posture correct, but however, was too impatient and exerted too much strength each time.

We left in the evening and Irwin sent me home.

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