Too Many Lousy Volleyball Referees in Singapore

I dropped by CCAB (Co-curricular Activities Branch) a visit on Monday with my gang. It had been nearly a year since I last watched a volleyball tournament match.

The CTSS boys fought bravely against their opponents even though their setter was hospitalized and they were playing with an untrained setter. Victory was pretty near in the last set until the referees cracked it up.

Even if the entire net and the two poles were pulled down, the first referee would not have noticed it at all.

The opponent’s spiker pulled the net so hard while spiking right in front of the first referee whose sight was perpendicular to the top of the net and the old man did not spot anything. It was around three metres away and short-sightedness was never an excuse.

Apart from this, he was a great dice player that he would only catch “double” fault when the offender made loud contact sound while setting. His eyes were probably staring at girls.

This issue of having lousy referees for the sport is a great issue. Blowing of whistle wrongly would definitely turn the game over by dampening the morale of the winning team if the standard of both teams are of slight margin.

If I were to become a referee, I would not have done a good job as well since I’m lacking of concentration. However, since I know I do not have the ability yet to do it, I would not even try it even if I were offered a huge sum of salary.

Given a job and you know you do not have the capability, it is better that you do nothing than you blast it badly, even though you suck for accepting it in the first place.

If you do not have a big head, why do you want to wear such a big helmet?

Having many lousy referees in Singapore has killed enthusiasts.

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