Volleyball and Second Stay-over at Weitat's Place

Last Thursday, Weitat hurried us after work and Jingkun drove us to Jurong Entertainment Centre to get MacDonald’s meals. It was my first time sitting inside Jingkun’s new baby and I was actually quite excited.

The tactic used by the fast food restaurant was to give away free glass cup with each upsize of any meal set. We bought the food and quickly rushed back to school. After having dinner, I started nodding and eventually collapsed by the side of the windows.

I woke up a while later with my brain numbed. Without warming up, I stepped into the volleyball court, too weak to do anything. Apart from the exhaustion, the lost touch after missing the game for more than a week paralysed me.

Nothing was good except for the fact that my sprained index finger was recuperating well.

After the game, due to the fact that I decided not to take my bath immediately, I ended up having to face the same old problems myself; and it greatly loaded up my burdens.

I had made arrangements with Weitat to stay overnight at his house earlier on. Along the way, he chatted quite long over the phone with his friend. The journey was longer than usual with my heavy bag.

After bathing at Weitat’s house, we watched the volleyball match between China and Japan, which he had downloaded. After eleven o’clock, we went down to switch on the television in hope of seeing Devin appearing on the show. Weitat cooked noodle for me and followed by a cup of iced tea.

I did not doze off immediately like the previous time, but gave a few tosses around before my usual shagginess conquered me.

The objective of the stay-over was not purely for the convenience of going to work easier in the next morning, but also for the feeling of get-togetherness. Perhaps, we would not get such chance again after September.

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