A Silent Phone Day

My phone had pronounced temporary dead yesterday without me knowing it.

It was all quiet and peaceful without the disturbance; however, I could not communicate with others as well when necessary. I failed to call or SMS anyone, and at first I thought it was just a temporary situation.

When I was given a sudden duty in the morning, I did not receive the usual SMS notice. In conjunction with the missing notice, my laptop’s antivirus was having problem and thus I only checked my email once in the early morning at 8am and did not read the email sent around half an hour later.

When I repeatedly could not send out SMS, I tried calling myself using the office phone and it did not get through. I called Starhub customer service and the lady smartly led me the way to configure my K800i at:

Settings > Connectivity > Mobile Networks > GSM/3G networks

The phone was supposed to be set to “GSM only” instead of “GSM and 3G”. The friendly operator told me it was a common problem where the two options were automatically toggled. I forgot to ask her if it was the network or phone’s problem.

Anyway, somehow I enjoyed the peace during the absence of ringing.

Having a phone is more of setting up a free call centre for all sorts of services, for free.

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