Chance to Visit the Doctor

I never like western medication for the cough syrup is too sweet and most of them, including the tablets, cause drowsiness. Panadols are somehow harmful to the body. Anyway, Chinese medicine somehow works better for me.

It was Friday and my best chance to visit the Chinese Physician. After fighting for more than a week and eventually losing the battle, to realise that eventually I had no time to seek for help, the arrival of Friday was so much of a relief.

Why do you bother so much when some people are even taking the days off simply for their own enjoyments?

I did have chances to leave workplace early since Tuesday to visit the doctor but my persistence to keep up with work halted my plans. Some people asked me why I did not want to take a day off instead and the reply was the same – I did not want to burden others by taking over my job and also, I need to get things done.

It was exhausting to reach home under the moody sky every evening. The hardship was never worthwhile when some morons thought everyone’s life was as free as them after so much work was done for them.

Was it so difficult to judge a sick person or was it because he fought too hard to put on a good upfront so that others would not be worried? Most people were too insensitive perhaps.

At the final moment when I could almost reach the safe zone, the physician was out. The five days of waiting to end the torment did not cause as much disappointments as the unappreciated effort.

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