Dinner at Chinatown Complex

Last Thursday, my gang decided to go for dinner together. Jingkun initiated it but since he left earlier than Weitat and I, we had some problems communicating with him.

In the end, we decided to go to IMM. We met up with Mingli first and walked around to search for her printer. Mingfa and Jingkun later merged into the group and we decided to go to Chinatown to have sting ray. Jingkun was the driver and we parked the car at Maxwell Food Centre before crossing the road over to Chinatown Complex.

The colourful fruit juices

Tableful of food

Mingfa and Jingkun

Weitat and Mingli

We ordered two plates of sting rays and an individual plate for octopus and vegetable each. Mingfa ordered a plate of Hokkien noodle whereas Weitat bought three bowls of soup, which we felt it was waste of money.

I finally fulfilled one of my wishes to give them a treat on the food which my entire family had been enjoying since my dad was around. They were good and cheap food.

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