Finally, Back to Beach

The sun showered me with too much love that my skin was burnt on this very interesting Monday, which was a holiday.

The sleep after six pm in the morning and waking up less than two hours later for haircut left me exhausted. Before I could get back into deep sleep, Mingfa called to ask me down to the beach. I was too tired for celebration of the long abandoned place. My brain was blank but somehow, could not fully utilise the remaining time to sleep.

I met up with the three of them – Mingfa, Weitat and Jingkun – at Seah Lm Food Centre. I had a cup of fruit juice while waiting for them to finish off their breakfast. Jingkun drove us into Sentosa where I witnessed the great changes at the entrance, and even the ticket booth for drive-in was shifted further in.

Since it was a holiday for most schools, the beach was actually occupied by youngsters despite it was a weekday. Full of sweeties in all sorts of bikinis, it was quite a gazing place.

We met up with Mingfa’s students and started playing volleyball. I was quite careful with my almost-recovered index finger. Beginning of the games wrote some incredible records for me; somehow I did better in spiking at beach than indoor courts even though the sand made jumping much tougher.

I did not take out my camera at all.

Into late afternoon, the sun had worn us out. It was tough on feet, dragging on a dehydrated yet heavier body, I simply lusted for resting. Since we left earlier than usual, we managed to skip queuing up at the washroom.


Longan drinks

My mushroom baked rice

French fries

The four of us went to Vivocity and had our early dinner at Kim Gary. It was my second time dining over there at the costly restaurant. Jingkun left us after the dinner and we started walking around before going home.

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