Ikea for Quilt

Ikea had done a great job by mailing their magazines to households yearly. Despite the quality of the material, I loved their nicely designed pages with varies types of furnitures, and also with some good tips.

Some discounted items were really attractive and that was why I invited my family to visit the big building together. It was supposed to be on last Monday, but however, my younger brother suddenly claimed that he had a lecture. We decided to go on the next day then.

On the day of the family outing, I actually planned not to work overtime again but failed as usual for the responsibility. Insensible people were destroying their own future and even though most were hopeless cases, I still continued to do my part, or rather, overdo my part.

With a half an hour’s delay, my buddies were already gone for they probably thought I would have left earlier as told. It began drizzling before I could leave work place and then, I boarded a bus 198 which arrived coincidentally at the same time. I met up with my mum and younger brother soon. It was not long before my elder brother and his girlfriend joined us.

We had our dinner at the food court where I bumped into a few of my colleagues. My family bought food to share, which dug extra small holes into my wallet. After the dinner, my elder brother went to get a cake at the first level and it tasted good.

My main objective was to get a cheap but decent quilt since my spacious flat with the two giantic rooms were trying too hard to cool me down every night without fail. We got stuck at the quilt department for quite some time. My initial plan was to get the cheapest quilt as shown on the magazine. However, there was some sudden change of plan which was eventually resolved.

We also came across study tables and wheeled chairs. My younger brother wanted badly to get a pair of them to place inside the room, but it seemed like an impossible plan. I wanted to give him a good environment for studies but my financial situation was not stable enough for upgrading the flat.

We shopped till the very last few minutes of the operating hours before we left.

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