It Rained Again at Beach

Sunday’s beach was another disappointment for the rain ruined it completely for us.

It was supposed to be only passing shower as claimed by the weather forecast but somehow the sky did not spare us. So coincidentally that the rain was showing love only the southern part of Singapore again, my weekend did not go accordingly as planned.

We did not even get to finish a game and was chased away by the rain. At least, I was able to get to see Peh after so long.

We bathed inside the open shower inside the toilet while the rain continued to hit on us.

While waiting outside the washroom, we spotted a illed smoker’s doing to the pond.

We had dinner at Vivocity’s Central. The mood was pretty good until a waiter came over and tagged me on my shoulder to inform me that no photography was allowed there. It was actually so rude of him to touch me even though his tone was polite.

After that, we did a little shopping before going to Anchor Point to find Mingfa’s shirt. However, Mingli and I got ourselves something inside the G2000 shop while Mingfa left empty-handed. My new short sleeve shirt would allow me to wear less one long sleeve shirt to work every week.

Mingfa gave me a ride home after that.

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