Lousy but Charming Beach Outing

Beach on Sunday was a total waste of time until I saw an angelic smile.

We were forced to leave with an approaching dark and magnanimous cloud after simply a lost game; waiting by the side of the court proved meaningless finally. We witnessed ships disappearing at the far side of the sea within minutes and even the two dragon boats quite near us vanished within some seconds.

I was sitting inside Darius’ car in both trips and could feel the difference of the cosiness as compared to other cars; nevertheless, I would rather buy a cheaper car in future.

We had dinner at Dian Xiao Er at Vivocity and it rubbed a big hole on my pocket. The food was nice but I would make it a point that such luxuries food should be kept away until one day when I strike it rich.

In the Olympic mood, nobody was really keen in loitering around the shopping centre and the crowd dispersed after dinner. Mingfa gave me a ride me home in his sister’s car together with Weitat and Mingli.

I started switching on the television to support the Singapore table tennis girls but I was disappointed.

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