Most Enjoyable Volleyball Ever

The last day of torment for the previous week ended a memorable day. Jingkun drove us out for lunch as Mingli joined us, picking up Mingfa at Dover MRT. I went into deep sleep inside the car and woke up to find myself at Commonwealth Avenue.

Chicken chop

Melted iced jelly

We went to a hawker centre where I took chicken chop at five bucks, which did not taste very special but was good enough. I ordered a cup of iced longan for Mingli but the uncle gave me a large bowl of it. My iced jelly was another similar sized bowl with lots of other weird toppings. My stomach was so bloated after that.

We put Mingfa at Commonwealth MRT before going back to work. It was a very sleepy afternoon after exhausting myself terribly since the start of the week, even though we started working on Tuesday. The noises of the event at the ground level slowed down work further more.

Into late afternoon, we finally put down our work and got ready for volleyball. I began collapsing on the floor as usual but could not doze off. It was not long before Weitat and Mingfa started calling me to get up for the real games. We managed to form two teams, which included a few of the senior players who usually played with us on Saturday nights. Two of the uncles were really fun, sporting and friendly.

We had the most enjoyable games ever. Screaming and teasing filled the night and the exhaustion failed to take our feet down. It was not my best performance day but at least not my lousiest one. I enjoyed the night totally, being selfish and not showing any consideration for anyone else like what I had been doing every time.

We walked to Weitat’s house after bathing. Kachua, Andy, Mingfa, Mingli and I waited at the park while Weitat got back to bathe and drove his car out. Wilson came over to pick up Mingfa before we proceeded to the Punggol nasi lemak stall at Tanjong Katong Road.

Wilson amazingly stick to his dieting plan and refrained himself from taking any supper. My portion of food consisting of ikan billis, chicken wing, pork meat and egg cost three ninety, which was very costly and yet not impressive. I wondered why so many people were queuing up even at such late hour after midnight.

Weitat gave me a ride home after dropping off Kachua. It was already after one AM by the time I reached home.

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