Muffin Fever

Last Wednesday, my attempt to please my colleagues with the delicious muffins set me in an unfavourable position again.

For the five working days per week, I had to leave my house very early for three days and the pastry shop did not open for the first day of the week. My only chance to get to see the muffin was therefore only every Wednesday.

This day I got some of the smiles on the way to work and had to start behaving sneakily since I could not afford to get many of them. There were too many staffs working inside the same office and that many of them were on good terms with me. It became quite awkward to show favouritism even towards those who had been helping me.

Many people started to tease me for not sharing the muffins with them. Regardless of close friends, mentors, or even those hi-bye colleagues, they repeated the same words that even though they were only making fun of me, but the jokes became so irritating when it was repeated again and again.

I would not be buying any of them anymore.

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