Powerful Spike

Last Friday’s volleyball session was another memorable night.

We actually wanted to go out for a quick bite before the game but the pouring raining halted us. I was so hungry that I rushed down to the canteen to grab some sandwiches and luckily the auntie was still around. She handed me a difficult task of troubleshooting her mobile phone’s alarm clock which was set in Chinese. I kept my fingers crossed and felt uncomfortable throughout the night since I did not test it.

We started setting up the net right after work and this time I did not get any sleep again. We began on our usual two on two game and somehow the combination of Weitat and I failed to overcome Mingfa and Jingkun’s team spirit. However, I was able to get myself warmed up through the game.

My index finger on my right hand had yet to recover fully and there was an additional sprain on one of my toes out of nowhere since a few days before.

We continued with free spike and I did not do really well but during the actual game, I was quite impressed with myself. It had been very long since I did a powerful bashing slap on the ball to cut through the air in thundering sound. There were not many chances for me to keep the form going but at least I cherished the remaining ones. I made another satisfying attempt later with good timing and posture, and even wrapped the ball splendidly on my palm to force the ball down using wrist strength.

My team consisting of Mingfa, Wilson, Joel, Darius and Jingkun was a formidable squad. Of all, Wilson did remarkably well with his overall performance especially with his blocking. Eventually, we lost the last game somehow.

I left home by myself after that.

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