Run Parrot Run!

No name is given yet and we do not even know his gender.

I’m quite amazed by this tiny two-month old bird for we could simply leave the door of the cage open for him to take a walk outside the cage any time. Part of his feathers is trimmed by the shopkeeper and thus he could not really fly.

The pro about this breed of parrot is that they will not grow much larger in size anymore. However, he may not be able to speak like those large parrots we usually see on television.

He ignores us totally when he gets sleepy. He becomes hyperactive after resting for a few minutes but gets tired pretty soon as well. Being shy and timid, he would start biting anyone who tries to go near him, but however, would soon get used to it and start standing on our fingers.

I was quite entertained when he successfully climbed sideway up a power extension cord which was lay vertically from the table top to the floor.

He reminds us of the bird who followed my elder brother home months ago. That bird was more interesting since he was not trained and yet would fly to our shoulders. He enjoyed us feeding him bread on our fingers and he sang uniquely. Sometimes, my elder brother would take him down for to stroll and he would stay within a few metres near my brother at times. The problem was that he shitted like nobody’s business anywhere around my house.

The problem with having pets at home is that we will eventually get very sad one day when they leave us.

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