Second Dinner at Chinatown Complex

We had our dinner at Chinatown Complex for the second time last Wednesday. At first, Weitat told me to continue with my own dinner before we parted from work. Jingkun messaged me just in time for me to halt my mum to get takeaway for me.

I waited patiently until eight PM and the holy call finally hit my phone. I continued to slack since they were of a far distance away, until at a point of time I regretted not setting off earlier to get myself some finger food for me to prepare myself in the office when hunger strike me again.

We had sting ray like the previous time. I told the uncle to increase the spiciness and I was glad enough that they found the fish tastier this time. They got some side orders from another stall and the dinner was enjoyable.

Jingkun gave me a ride home and they waited at the car park for me to get some papers for him since he forgot to bring his copy home. When I got down, an auntie was standing by the pillar, staring at the car. She was familiar and I was somehow worried over her, wondering if she had encountered any problem, until my gang told me she was actually behaving weirdly and could be another insanity case.

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