Second Trip to Weitat's School

It was my second time accompanying Weitat to his school straight after work.

For all the extra time and distance walking, our friendship definitely proved worthwhile. Since we probably would never have the chance after September, I tried hard to cherish every moment possible.

The bus ride was an unpleasant one. Since we boarded it, the smoke had been trying to choke my lungs. It was the third time I experienced such inconsiderate unlawful act inside an air-conditioned bus. The previous time it happened right in front of me that the smoker was lighting the cigarette in my amazement; he was actually retarded and talking to himself. This made me wonder the number of idiots taking public transport in Singapore. Some “ah beng” at the back of the double-decker bus aroused my suspicious.

We alighted at Kampong Bahru Road again but this time we went to the prata shop to taste the food. The roti prata which I had not tried for donkey years failed to satisfy Weitat. I was too busy trying to gobble up the food that I was unable to judge it.

At the reception corner, previously technical block

Cafe, previously staffs’ room

Pathway outside his building, previously in between canteen and technical block

Just after the gate

Facing the main gate

I accompanied him into my ex school campus before taking the old days’ walk back home.

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