Southern Ridges Trip 2

I made my second trip down to Southern Ridges for the second time on last Saturday morning. It was a trip organised by Gilbert since more than a month ago. Initially I felt the stress of works piling up and thus, quite regretting promising him to go.

It started raining while I was waiting for them at the starting point. It was good to see Yong, June and Sherlyn once again. We started sitting at the top of the stairs until a SMRT staff came over to ask us to go further down to get out of the camera’s sight, which was quite weird.

As the rain stopped, we began our journey and this time, Gilbert and I made sure that we would not make any unnecessary detour like the previous time. I was extremely tired after the previous night’s volleyball and I my legs were weak upon the start. Since we were walking at a much faster pace, I was quite worried for the other three of them not able to fully enjoy the sceneries.

We met up with another Gilbert’s friend, Charles, at the Henderson Waves, and together, we proceeded on the same track like the previous time. At the moment we reached Hort Park, Gilbert was not feeling well and we took a little rest. Gilbert insisted to proceed on with his plan and thus we pushed westward, over Canopy Walk before making a final rest. Then, we made sure we took the correct path down the end of the Science Park where we took the bus to Buona Vista. We took only three hours to conquer the Southern Ridges this time.

We transited to bus 100 back to Vivocity, where we had a concussion one by one, and as usual, I took the lead. Sherlyn was wide awake throughout though and Charles got alighted somewhere to go home. The rest of us had our lunch at Seah Lm Food Centre and I had the usual chicken rice. Yong ordered a drinks from the fruit stall called “Power” for me. It was secret recipe and I could only taste mango but it was not bad.

After lunch, we walked towards Vivocity and soon, took Yong’s car back to his condominium at Geylang. We slacked at his place for quite some time before going down to the pool. The girls played PSP by the poolside. I was too weak to swim and the water started to freeze me. In a while, I was found enjoying at the Jacuzzi, which failed to satisfy me.

We moved over to the standalone Jacuzzi further away which seemed to be boiling. We had to lower down our body bit by bit to get used to the temperature. It was all comfort after we succeeded in submerging the entire body under neck. The next challenge was to enter the normal pool to taste the freezing water. My legs gave ways before reaching the destination and put my butts on the floor; the expanding and contracting of muscle in the process could have caused the weakness. Next, I enjoyed the feeling of dipping myself entirely into iced water. I made my last dip into the warm Jacuzzi before they called it off the day.

Back to the house, we called Rite Pizza to make orders for dinner. It was a splendid meal. Then, we continued to play PSP until around ten PM and Charles started sending Sherlyn, Gilbert and I home. I had some good chat with him on the way.

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