They Left and Soon My Turn

At the start of the day, Weitat asked me in a serious tone whether I was going to have lunch together with him. Before I could get to comfort, he told me the “rest of them” were already gone.

I was buried with emptiness suddenly.

Finally, we were left with three people – Jingkun, Weitat and me. I had foreseen the coming of this day but never expected it to come so soon.

Our usual gang for lunch was missing Mingli and Yicheng, marking the place as quiet as a cemetery. Yumei was gone as well. The days during the previous vacation period would be remembered and treasured, and be added to my happy part of memories for easing of sadness in future.

I did not join Weitat since my lunch break was extremely short. Like the previous week, partly due to the sickness, I grabbed two sandwiches and swallowed them at the corridor alone. I happened to bang into him at canteen. This time round, I had a cup of iced tea as well, which was more comforting.

Rules were there to maintain the order and even though I had been closing both eyes for others’ convenience, I had to set good example for them. It was not fun to be eating while in standing position.

Alas, Mingli was back to join us at the end of the day as she needed to return some stuffs. It was probably the last time we would leave the gate together.

This day came too fast that I knew it would not be long before October arrive and I leave Jingkun to struggle alone.

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