Thirty Bucks

I was waken up by my phone at around nine o’clock in the morning. The nurse from “Tanjong Pagar Medical Hall” called me to inform me that the Chinese physician was there already.

My brain was numbed in the morning’s laziness, dwelling on the bed. The next thing in mind was that I had to get better soon to embark on the last two months of terror.

vicks - vapodrop

I was second in the queue. Just as I was telling the physician that I had been chewing on VapoDrops, he was shocked. In fact, I had missed out the instruction on the label like most people would do, that I was supposed to take only one to two of them as needed. The physician told me that overdosing would cause giddiness and also breathing difficulties, which I had and was encountering.

The physician told me that I had overworked and the memory of the long working hours for the past few weeks flashed through my mind. I sighed for the regrets. I was issued three types of medicine and that I had to take a total nine pills each time for twice a day.

The most shocking thing was when I was collecting the prescription, I realised the price was thirty bucks; it was more than four times the price I paid years ago. And it was more expensive than visiting a normal clinic. Nevertheless, I still prefer Chinese physicians.

– 益气丸 x 4
– 养阴片 x 4
– 清鼻片 x 1

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