Visit to the Asian Civilisation Museum

The museum tour organised by Gilbert kept my Sunday afternoon occupied. We were supposed to meet up at around three pm but he was probably too engrossed in the monopoly game with his friends at Kallang that the timing was dragged. I dozed off until near four pm, I woke up to be shocked by his SMS that we were meeting at 4.30pm.

I missed a train and decided to walk over to Raffles MRT station instead so that I was able to control the timing better. It was, however, a great mistake, for I had not travelled that route for quite long and had totally forgotten the fact that the travel time was much longer than estimated.

I was not sure which museum he was referring to and thus, made a big detour over to the One Fullerton side. In my wetted shirt, I finally reached the Asian Civilisation Museum, which was located next to Fullerton Hotel and also besides the Victoria Theatre.

Since Gilbert did not pick up my calls, I went in straight away and eventually found him soon. His friends Yong, June and Shirley were surrounding him and none of them noticed my presence until around five minutes later.

The tour around the museum was not really fascinating my virgin visit there was satisfying enough with the companions. I would prefer arts museums.

We had ice-cream outside the museum and eventually crossed over to the shop houses near North Bridge Road after some photography attempts at the Singapore River. We landed up at a Japanese restaurant “所府”. I had a bowl of chicken noodle with grade two spicy. It almost burned my tongue. We had a long chat there before we left for home.

I walked to Chinatown to get a bottle of shampoo and a toothbrush before speed-walking home.

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