An Early Home Volleyball Session

The Teachers’ Day Celebration was dull. I received a couple of presents and cards from students eventually. I was overjoyed not for receiving presents but was more pleased with the fact that some of them had shown appreciation.

What is most important about education is morale after all.

We had our dinner at IMM. Jingkun’s car did us lots of time and energy saving. We met up with Mingfa there and I finally had my Long John Silver’s meal after missing it for a couple of time. This time, I was greedy and had three pieces of chicken instead of the usual cheapo-yet-cost-effective combo one.

Before the volleyball game started, I fell into concussion once again for I had only around two hours of sleep before that.

The few of us seemed to be reluctant to strive hard like usual because of the Rip Curl beach volleyball game the next day. Apart from trying not to wear myself off, I was basically strengthless and my performance declined soon.

It was one of the rare times that I would leave the place early right after nine PM. eventually I got a little frustrated of myself for forgetting to bring my formal wear home after leaving them on the side bench.

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