Bad News in the Office

On Friday, the drizzling rain coaxed my laziness to go to work. It was the second or third time of the week that it rained in the morning.

The three of us had lunch at IKEA and the restaurant seemed to be catering their “fish and chips” set specially for me as their promotional set for the day. I felt the hassle in ordering food somehow and I almost forgot to get a cup of drinks for Weitat. In the end, I forgot to return him his three bucks change. Weitat enjoyed the fish and chips but I did not like the thickness of the flour.

We did not have a tour around my favourite furniture departments at level two, but instead, we went straight to level one where Weitat got him a small pillow to hug inside the office.

There were some bad news at the office. My few continuous days of delighted mood was eventually destroyed by the story of a smoker cum liar and also a brainless big shot. Besides this, Jingkun had confirmed about an email which the hints were already quite obvious; to Weitat and me, it did not really matter much, but it could affect Jingkun quite a lot. No matter what, it meant a change of plan for him and his future and I really hoped he could struggle.

It seems that I’m always doing things based on trust but nobody, regardless of moral and honesty, can assure everything. I have a number of friends who have sounded so promising and put dreams into my sleep every night, and yet I’m still struggling at nowhere after all these years. It is a fact that nobody in this world can really go all the way out to save you every time; we have to depend on ourselves.

Meijun gave me a call suddenly and asked if we were free to meet her up since she was alone and had to wait for quite some time for another job interview. Both Jingkun and Weitat already had appointments. I did meet up with her in case it would turn into another teasing session against me even though she had a boyfriend. However, I felt guilty for the rejection and moreover it was quite rare for any friend not within my gang to ask me out.

We left the office quite early in low spirit.

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