Busy Long Lunch Break

Tuesday’s lunch was at ABC market. I toured the entire hawker centre to find a long queued western food stall. The auntie was in a mess due to the overwhelming business and when I told her I did not know my table number, she was impatiently frustrated. I told her that I could wait there for my food and her distort brain added appended words through her ears and she thought I wanted to cut queue; my little kindness to save up the far trip for her colleague or maybe employee had not only gone into waste, but also put myself in a bad position.

My chicken chop arrived when Jingkun was having his second serving. To my disappointment, the crowds had actually misled me to choose the wrong lunch; and so much for the time spent in waiting, the meat was overcooked and too tough for slicing, let alone chewing.

Weitat drove to Holland Village and I made my first step into the shop called “Cold Rock”. Four-fifty for two scopes of ice-cream was a rare purchase for me but the wastage was good enough to compensate for the possible awkward situation of me watching the rest of them enjoying the dessert; peer pressure – that was.

Next destination was the bank at Clementi. Weitat was trying to apply for credit card so that he could get some privileges during clubbing. I took the chance to get my ATM card replaced but the queue hesitated me until it was near my turn. I was quite embarrassed to make the three of them wait for me. Anyway, the bank teller who served me was a very polite and friendly lady. I rejected her offer to change my normal ATM card into “Go” card. Then, I got her to help me to check whether why my purchase limit was so little and she told me because I had opened the account before I was sixteen years old and then she helped me to reopen another account.

I had an unpleasant afternoon after I got back to work. I brought my stuffs for volleyball since I thought Mingfa was going down, but he was going to see Kok Chiang’s players. After a small meeting which lasted for nearly an hour, I was planning to put aside my work to go down for some exercises but things cropped up. The usual gang of pests made it so difficult for volleyball. Since I had to wait for replies, I decided to continue with my work instead of joining in the fun.

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