Failed to Catch a Wink Again

After a night of wrecking my house with the new furniture, the following afternoon on the Sunday was set to relax myself. Indeed, I had a deep sleep in the afternoon before I started working in the evening.

For as much as I hated to work at home, it seemed impossible to get things done without these struggles. Till then, there was no wish of continuing with my usual web design hobby for I knew the time span was too short for anything.

I refused to sleep that night, putting all concentration into each detail of every piece of PowerPoint projects and making sure I allocated marks accordingly to the efforts without any slight biasness.

In the morning, I had a tight schedule with the toilet; it was either due to the dragon fruit which I took before midnight or the disgusting jam on the bread which I swallowed for breakfast. I flushed my house’s toilet thrice and the school’s toilet twice, while I held on to avoid more times in the later part of the day.

We had lunch at Dover and the food was cheap. I had no choice but to feed myself with noodle during the stomach rioting period. Just when we were planning to make a move, it started pouring. We waited for some time before the rain showed mercy on us and resumed only after we got back to Jingkun’s car.

My initial plan to get started with marking of the last set of papers seemed way too far to fulfill. The afternoon kept me occupied with helping a colleague with software. I was not trying to be over-nice but she helped me a lot during the last semester when I was struggling with some problem children.

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