Good Students, Wonderful Class

Just as I was trying to tidy up my work, Weitat called for me and I knew it was time for the graduation show for Willi. We went down to the lecture theatre together with Mingli who came down just to support the class.

There was some delay and the show eventually started with less than one third of the seats filled. They invited only some lecturers and thus, we were actually just part of the small lucky audience group.

It was never a regret to put aside my work even though both Weitat and I were not very keen to spend the time there.

There were cute edited pictures, dance, MTV, show, and even presentation for the actors and actresses. Although everything was not done with high standard, they managed to create great humours. The amount of time and efforts they had placed in was magnificent.

With such sporting, enthusiastic and lovely students, the class was probably one of the best ever, and no doubt these were the reasons Mingli loved them so much.

Both Weitat and I also managed to receive a present each from them despite the fact that we did not sit in their class before.

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