Happy Day Falling Sick

On Monday morning, I began my day in good mood; it was my first move to improve my life.

I started working with Gallery2. I was smart enough to download the near 20 MB file at home since the network speed in office was too flattery. Installation was a hassle and eventually I realised more add-ons had to be added to my installed PHP on the harddisk. It was my second attempt to deal with this open source gallery; the previous time was to integrate it with the Simple Machine Forum but this I had to customise the coding.

Lunch was at Dover and Mingli joined us. I had a plate of char siew noodle at Queenstown. After the meal, we moved on to IMM where Weitat got his HP printer.

Since we had to wait for assistance on the Gallery2 on the next day, Jingkun and I ended our day earlier while Weitat stayed behind to work on his project.

My day could be much better if the flu had not caught up with me during the evening. All the junk food had lowered down my immune system again.

I hate to fall sick because I need the strength to work on my websites.

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