New Furniture from IKEA

The stupid parrot, African Love bird breed, flew off last Saturday afternoon. We initially thought he had gone into hiding in some corners of my packed house like usual. So much for his foolishness to explore the outside world, he certainly missed his cage where he would rest in daily. He would definitely not be able to get back since he could not fly well.

During evening, I woke up from my nap to join my younger brother and my mum at Ikea. My brother wanted to get a table and chair to make himself comfortable at home when studying.

We had our dinner at the Ikea’s restaurant before moving on with our shopping session. Our first glance at a glass dining table kept us so excited for it was only at a hundred and twenty-five bucks, and it came together with four chairs.

Next, we proceeded to find the green desk which we saw the previous time but to our disappointment, it was phased out already. We ended up having to decide on other colour, which cost thirty bucks more. My brother was interested in a sofa chair which was at sales but it seemed to be quite huge for the pathetic space in the room. I chose a chair with good cushion for him.

Alas, we began pondering how to get the stuffs home. Delivery charge was at fifty bucks for items of total cost less than three hundred dollars and we felt it was stupid to waste so much money simply for the dining table which cost only around two and a half times the delivery charge; it was not worthwhile.

We did not mind taking cab home but it was raining and the queue was terribly long. Then, we decided to call friends up for help and we would rather give the fifty bucks to any of them. My brother tried one but timing was not correct. Next, I called upon Weiwen and he was ready after seeking approval from his “CO”, but we were afraid that the stuffs could not fit into his car. He suggested get Hubert for help since he owned a van but however, Hubert’s phone was switched off. We really hated to trouble Weiwen since his status had risen from “in a relationship” to “married” already. Finally, we decided to trouble my mum’s boss since they owed us big favours.

We quickly made the payment as the last customer after receiving great helps from the staff, Tina. The car arrived soon and we had to endure the short period of nonsensical preaching.

It was a night of hell for me with the fixing up of the dining table, four chairs, study table and the cushion chair despite we had three people working on them. My back started to ache in no time. Nevertheless, it was great to own such a stylish dining table, which I expected to be in a mess within a week.

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