New Mikasa Volleyball, New Four-gigabyte Thumbdrive

On Thursday, we went to Beach Road for lunch together with Mingli and Mingfa. While waiting for the famous chicken rice, we had some chocolate waffles. Since I had not recovered from flu, it was quite a waste that I could not get to enjoy the delicious food fully.

We went to Golden Mile to look at Weitat’s jersey before going to Mustafa where we purchased the new expensive official Mikasa volleyball; the shop attendant seemed to suspect us and made us go to the cashier immediately to pay for it.

I got myself a four-gigabyte SanDisk thumbdrive for $19.90 to replace my deceased two-gigabyte Imation thumbdrive. Actually, there was a five-year warranty for the thumbdrive which I bought around nine months ago but the service centre was at Upper Payar Lebar Road; the original price was around $36 but it had already fallen till around $10, and it did not worth me to make the special trip down just to get it fixed or exchanged.

Since I did not manage to do many things due to the long lunch break, I stayed inside the office until I was “chased” away while the four of them were at the hall. I felt guilty for not joining in the fun but I supposed we had to give up on some entertainments in order to achieve greater things. If my gang and I were enjoying ourselves when one of us was near but not joining in, I would probably feel uncomfortable as well; hopefully they were already used to my dullness.

I tried to play with Mingli’s camera when I got down after six PM but the lighting was so poor that I could never capture a still picture of satisfactory sharpness of them in the game. If I were to join them earlier, I could probably take some good and artistic shots of the gang for the sake of good memories. Besides, we had not taken group picture for quite long already.

The usual sleepy bug haunted me down and I started lying on the exercise map. It was another weird experience that I did not manage to doze off, or at least I thought I had not fallen asleep at all, until I opened my eyes to see the arrival of many people. I sensed it was a long time that I had been lying down there but I should have heard the increased noise and also, the volleyballs should have at least pinched me.

Playing volleyball was more carefree than usual days somehow, probably with the new ball that made us feel so professional like playing in the Olympic. Like the previous week, I did not catch the timing well than before but somehow still managed to wrap the ball well with my palm. My teams seemed to be on the losing end most of the time but there was no hard feeling at all.

Thoughts filled my mind whenever I was not in play; there were doubts like the team’s future, Mingfa’s legs conditions and also other problems.

I made my way to the MRT alone again. Dinner was more than one hour after midnight.

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