New Semester's Workload

On Wednesday, we went to Bukit Timah for lunch. Weitat took the hassle to drive over to pick Mingli up, where Mingfa was already waiting at the void deck. The five of us proceeded to Waffle Town.

The four of them ordered almost the same stuffs and the chicken looked tasty. For my seven-plus-bucks fish and chips, the crews took the trouble to travel to Japan and dive into the sea to catch the fish. They did ask me thrice whether I was served already and it took me two disappointments to finally enjoy my lunch. Though I was dining with four friends, it seemed that I was having lunch alone since their plates were already empty. It was a pity that I rushed to gobble up the food.

We got back to the office in time for the meeting. The usual laughers were there to keep everyone entertained. Our workloads for the next semester were somehow or rather, finalised, except for Jingkun’s. There was a great change in the actual plan for my case and I was not sure if it was a good or bad news. I probably could not focus on my own websites then since some new learning had to be done. Another bad issue was that I could not get to see familiar faces with the changes.

I suddenly recalled and felt pressured for my boss seemed to be spreading news that I was an expert in using Adobe Flash. I had embarrassingly touched it only for a couple of months for my final year project, which was more than four years ago when I was in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. For that period of time, I was quite geared with the programming part of Flash but not the common animation, and that I had already lost my memory by now. It seemed that I had to spend time to recap and master it soon.

For that afternoon, I had to redo some documentation since using of Excel to type out the dates was not allowed. Thus, I had to handwrite the dates and resign for the two sets of papers which required 120 signatures each.

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