Project for the Holiday

On Tuesday, I submerged myself fully into the “Gallery2” customisation work totally. The scripting style was alien to me but I managed to accomplish some requirements eventually.

It was well anticipated by me since I first heard about this project. Jingkun and I were not very familiar with PHP yet and this project was heavily involved with templates, which was known to me but I did not get to interact with before. Since every programmer had his own style of programming, it was more difficult to understand and amend the existing codes than to create a new system from scratch.

Many colleagues seemed to be unhappy with the person supposed to in charge of the project. Bosses understood the difficulties as well and the previous person who did most of the job told me he knew nuts about the coding.

Anyway, before I left my house, I created a database for the project in my own web server but I forgot that this new control panel required me to assign specify rights to the database user account after assigning it to the database. After reaching school, I realised my effort lie in vain since the firewall had blocked me from accessing my control panel.

Lunch was a quick one at Dover again. Weitat, Jingkun and I shared half a chicken and soon, we made our way back to office since all of us had works to finish up. I spent the rest of the afternoon stressing on the project but was satisfied to get more items done.

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