Setters Make a Great Difference

Last Friday, I finally changed my wallet. The small cutie had too much tearing that I did not want my cards to be dirtied more. Therefore, I started using the big old wallet I bought together with Junrong during my polytechnic days.

We had lunch at Commonwealth. I bought a plate of nasi lemak but did not expect it to cost $2.70 with only three toppings with rice. They did not even have cucumber, which was a turn off.

Afternoon was a boring period of looking at PowerPoint slides. I was sitting in all awkward positions so keep myself on the seat, and thus the joints turned stiff for the evening’s volleyball.

Volleyball started in the evening where disappointments kicked off. Without trimming my nails, I played the setter role in discomfort. The entire team was cursed.

The next round was more of a usual role for me as subset. Volleyball without Mingfa as the setter proved great differences. I began strolling inside the court like a transparent display; the frequent jumps to block the attacks made me look so much like a calefare, as if I was playing by myself and without the ball. The entire team did not improve and that spiking was simply smashing the net or out of play, and receiving was not better than newbies. We were thrashed badly once again.

We had another two rounds of insults and I felt I was the worst of all. There were countless situations where blockers were far at the other pole, given so much free space in front of me, yet I received no chance to perform. My first chance was given in a tight situation where the setter had no choice but to push to “number four” position for me, and yet disgustingly the ball went nearly kissing the net. My second and last chance was during the third set when the setter had probably sensed my rage; at least I scored that point at the centre but we were already near the announcement of the third defeat.

It was definitely not because of height or performance issue, but simply because I was not from the same secondary school and that I did not chat with the setter as much as the rest did.

I proclaimed that I would never play when this fucker was the setter.

Mingfa arrived just in time before I decided to make a move. We had a quick turnover of situation in the next few games. The bad lucks sneaked away slowly. I cherished my chances well and felt proud of myself for the night. I was glad I did not leave and that I was able to make a name for myself for the night where I created loud noises with the ball’s impact on the ground.

My consistent performance has a limit and I know well not every day is a Sunday. I would cherish the memories of the good days when I excel in the sport before my injuries ground my feet on the floor.

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