Skinny Weird Man Again

Thursday, the only dismiss of the day was when the irritating man approached me once again and I felt stupid for going to work early; not unusual. He asked for Ah Teck at first and to hell I knew about the answer, and next he revealed his true colours and asked me to carry two sets of computers previously used by Yumei and Yicheng when I was busy doing marking.

For the past two weeks I had already tried to be nice to this weird man but he seemed to be incurable. He loved to take my softness for kindness and came straight to me instead of my gang since none of the rest would give a damn to him.

I told him to wait on and after Ah Teck arrived, he came to me directly again, showing that he had no intention to ask the giant for help. I bit my teeth and tried to make him not feel like a loser, but eventually, he did not get the computer ready for me to move, and thus wasting my time. In the end, he came up with the idea of using wheeled chair when I thought he could already get him a trolley in the first place. The conclusion was that he needed no assistance at all.

When I talked to one of my teachers, she mentioned that this monkey was lectured by her before and I was so shocked that such a good tempered and intelligent lady who had great patience for her students would raise her voice over her colleague. The story was that this monkey was inside her computer lab and she requested him to lift up something from the floor and he said no, which was so ungentleman of him. Then, he had the cheek to attempt to ask her to carry something for him in the staff room, where he received his second lecture for his pettiness.

When I told him I would like to keep the existing computer on my desktop by reformatting it, he accused me of playing with the password. I had already mentioned to him so long ago that before I switched desk, someone had already tampered with it. He hesitated to leave the computer to me until another colleague told him that she needed Yumei’s computer to extract files from floppy disk, and he asked me to reformat the computer on my desk for her to use.

I told him the reason for keeping the computer was because the laptop he passed to me was extremely slow and I had to open many documents often and even deal with Photoshop. He gave me a brainless suggestion of reformatting the laptop, which was of insignificant help since the specification of the laptop was so lousy. Moreover, he was the one who delayed the laptop that I only received it around nine months ago so pathetically; and that I only installed software that I desperately needed to use, and thus reformatting the laptop was useless when I had already minimised the chance of corrupted system registry.

I had made the decision of struggling with my laptop instead of wasting time to reformat the desktop.

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