Swim with Gilbert and Peh

I had a slimming session with Gilbert and Peh on last Saturday morning. Having to wake up early on weekends was certainly a torture.

We met up at Ang Mo Kio to the usual swimming complex. Initially we spent a long time chatting before we started working out. Being the usual bull-headed person, I tried too hard to kick and it agitated my old injury; my right knee cap seemed to be detaching. For more than half of the twenty laps we persisted on, I did not use much of my legs’ strength.

Our lunch was at KFC and it was quite a long walk away from Ang Mo Kio Hub. Gilbert and I shared a buddy meal and we bought some extra finger food and my stomach was bloated badly.

We took a little walk in Ang Mo Kio Hub after that and the lack of sleep and the exhaustion of the swim threatened to concuss me. Gilbert insisted to visit Velocity and both Peh and I had to give it a miss.

After reaching home, I dozed off straight away.

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