The Weekend of Programming

The weekend passed fast with expected work unfinished. My two days were totally burnt out by web design and programming. Database structure stole a big portion of my time, especially when new amendments were made over and over again during programming. At least I knew I had to make changes as early as possible before more work was created and more amendments had to be improvised.

Programming bugs told me my skill to the basic coding was still far from perfection. The punishment was long hours of debugging with lots of time wastage, which almost killed my perseverance. At times, I went to the room to lie down just for a couple of minutes and I believed my younger brother would find me irritating since his work station was inside the room.

My appointment with the hairdresser early at eight AM on Sunday morning proved to be a wrong decision. Initially I was afraid that I might have to go out at other timing, which was on the other hand, a wise move. Since I struggled till five AM in the morning, I almost could not get up and I had to keep chatting with the auntie to keep myself awake. I had my hair trimmed much shorter than usual.

There are still many blogs to update and pictures to upload. I suppose I have to give up on some of the work.

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