Two Continuous Days of Volleyball Again

After grounding myself to the chair for many days, my legs’ joints were put to challenge; I kept them folded due to the coldness in the office and somehow, they were angry with my concentration and stubbornness.

On Thursday, my legs were stiff during the volleyball session. It was a last-minute confirmation of game since Weitat could not make it for the Friday’s game. I felt weird somehow and thus the games were not very exciting.

On the next day, I slogged in work till late hour to join them in the hall. Mingfa helped me to buy chicken cutlet from the Clementi hawker centre and the delicious food kept my stomach bloated. There was nothing I could do to inject spirit into my team. I made a number of dives to hurt my joint on the thigh in the early part of the game, and together with my stiff legs, movement was difficult. The weird aching on my thumb made things even tougher.

I was simply dragging my feet on the way home with the aches all over, especially the pain beneath the feet. The best thing about the night was that I managed to pass by a couple of cute girls.

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