Visiting Dessy at NTU; the Volleyball and Cab

We met up with Dessy at NTU for lunch on Thursday. We approached the new canteen next to NIE where we started admiring the university lives. It was the experience that really attracted us.

The babes, the hostel, the activities and the fun seemed to be something which we would have given a pass to, as time would never bestow the opportunity to us anymore.

We managed to find seats among the crowd and waited for Dessy. I had chicken chop for the cheap price of $2.80. We took a little walk downstairs while waiting for Jingkun’s girlfriend. There was an event held by “Red Bull” and a cute girl was actually giving away free drinks, inclusive of helping everyone to open up the cans. The lecture theatre was big and beautiful.

Jingkun sent his girlfriend and her classmate off while Dessy and I took Weitat’s car. It was a pity that we gave a miss to visit the hostel before biding her goodbye. Next, we proceeded to pick Mingfa up and finally got back to school.

I wanted to waste no time and eventually stayed inside the office to do my websites instead of joining them at playing badminton. However, I started nodding soon due to lack of sleep and nothing much was accomplished.

Weitat called me at around six PM and I went down to join him, Mingfa and Mingli, and realised I forgot to bring my gears down. I quickly took my wallet along and halfway, I realised I needed the key to the cabinet as well.

After I got changed, I managed to play a bit of badminton before they started setting up the net and my game was terminated. I tried to rest my heavy head but the sweat stopped me.

We started playing with fourteen people and thus two were waiting outside each time. My team was cursed again somehow and we gave the opposite team a head start. When I joined the opposite team in the next set, I was having an odd feeling. It was not a fantasy night somehow.

I got to chat with Mr Peh after that and the conversation was certainly beneficial.

In the end, I hopped onto the cab together with Kachua. The cab driver tried to move the car like a snake and I had to raise my voice while chatting with Kachua in case he really dozed off. Throughout the journey, my heart was beating fast.

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