Work Interception

The delight of Wednesday. Pastry from Meihoe.

I had two days of terrible luck on both Wednesday and Thursday. It seemed that I was cursed from doing work.

First day, there was a missing file inside the folder. Did the person who collected the work bother to check the folder at all? The folders and files were supposed to be deleted and cleared from recycle bin, but no effort was seen. Luckily for the triple slackness, file was able to be recovered. I did not bother to speak to the person since his reply would be “hiew lan” (heck care in Cantonese).

On the second day, the worst incident happened. Half of the files in another pile of work could not be opened. Same person was actually involved but this time was most likely due to software or hardware problem.

Apart from the previous days of ill luck, there were always incidents to halt my work.

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