Night Cycling Soon

I had a two-hour nap but not a continuous one as my younger brother tried to trample on the mattress in the middle.

Cough syrup really tastes disgusting. I have to take it again since there is still infection which is causing a little breathing difficulty whenever I try to breathe in hard.

I’m not very sure of my feeling now since I know it will going to be fun later but my health status is low. What makes things worse is that my mum is leaving Singapore tomorrow morning before I can get home, and there will be problem with my meals again.

Luckily, she will be back on Sunday night.

Faris’ Farewell Party

I had a very tough morning, but at least it was the last time for this year to go down all the way to Bukit Batok.

Me, Faris, Alamelu, Joy Koh

In the afternoon, the kids organised a farewell party for Faris. The photo on the cake impressed me. We waited quite long for Joy to join us. The humorous speeches from Faris were really motivating but sad. I could have left before him and I did not expect him to reach the finishing line earlier.

Leaving during the mid of the term was probably good since there would be chance of a gathering, unlike during the holidays.

Badminton was therefore being delayed for nearly an hour. By the time I reached the hall, they were already having fun. Alan joined in and we played together with Weiming, Bernard and Daniel with some rotating of players, and Jingkun joined us in the last round. In the end, I played single with Alan before ending the day.

I did not doze off upon reaching home like any other week day.

Special Lunch and Faris’ Briefing

I had lunch with Faris, Cheng Hong and Weiming together yesterday. It was the first time I dined with them together after almost a year. I felt weird to put on seat belt at the back of Faris’ car but since Cheng Hong did it, I assumed it was polite.

Anyway, we went to Jurong East and I only knew it was somewhere near Mingli’s house. I had a plate of chicken fried rice from the Muslim stall and it was quite good. All along, Faris talked a lot and his stories were very interesting. Weiming chatted with him more inside the car and when we were eating, Cheng Hong had more experiences to share.

I kept quiet most of the time since I had to gobble up my hot food in order to rush back for briefing. Nevertheless, I was in an outer space when their conversations involved with some names in the market.

We were late for the night cycling briefing but luckily someone had opened the theatre to house all the early birds. Faris gave super interesting talks and I was very impressed with his jokes to entertain the kids who were getting impatient due to time delay.

Volleyball Session Turned Nothing

It had been more than a week since there was no volleyball and a sudden message from Mingfa to update about Monday’s game gave excitements even though I was still down with cough and flu, and the blisters on my fingers were giving pain.

I was caught in the late afternoon by Roy and his gang who wanted me to open up a lab for them to do project right after Weitat left. Since they told me it would take only an hour, I agreed. I brought my paper work down and accompanied them.

An hour passed by and I did not bring my laptop down to at least continue with my website design since I thought it would be over soon. They were too hardworking and did not give up even after the office was closed. If I knew it would be so long, I would not have minded bringing the laptop home.

I did tell myself many times not to get involved in other people’s business since I needed the time to concentrate on my own work. There was no time to waste anymore and I would not want to let my dreams fade away like others…

The boredom almost killed me.

Four hours later since five PM, we finally packed up. I went down to the hall to bide my team-mates goodbye before leaving since I did not want to get changed into my volleyball gears for just less than an hour.

The fortunate thing was that Roy stayed at Redhill and I got companion for more than half of the journey home.

Best Email Ever

Receiving appreciation is one of the greatest joys one can ever enjoy after a period of tough time with countless effort spent.

There are many different ways to show your appreciation for someone and just a simple “thank you” would cause a big impact.

In my twenty-four years of struggle, my effort for the past few months is one of the proudest things I have done.

Indeed, it is the best email I have ever received.

Long Weekend – Deepavali

I spent the long weekend better than previous weeks; more things were done although the efficiency level was still too low. I did not even know about the Deepavali’s holiday until Daniel told me on last Friday morning.
I managed to update two blogs:
Chinese Dramas
Hey! Are You Joking?
My upcoming directory site had moved to another era with the confirmation of the design and layout, such that I could go ahead with the remaining coding without fears of amendments.
I added four Chinese songs to my collection:
吴英仔 – 双手的温柔
(Wu Ying Zai – Shuang Shou De Wen Rou)
吴宗宪 – 留心
(Jacky Wu Zong Xian – Liu Xin)
李玖哲 – 想太多
(Li Jiu Zhe – Xiang Tai Duo)
薛之谦 – 黄色枫叶
(Xue Zhi Qian – Huang Se Feng Ye)
The meet-up with Irwin, including golfing, was great except for the fact that my flu and cough had not recovered.
I also managed to spend some time trying out the add-ons for Mozilla Firefox to enhance my surfing experience.
If only the weekend was longer…

No Sweat, No Ache, Zero Metre

Irwin returned to Singapore yesterday morning. He messaged me in MSN at around nine PM to ask me to go for golfing. I was itchy for it as well, especially for the late night experience, I agreed instantly. He reached my place twenty minutes in his brother’s car and we sped off to the Queenstown shooting range.

We managed to reach before ten PM but the auntie told us that even though the range centre would be opened until eleven PM, the shop was closing at ten and without the clubs, we had to give up. We decided to go home straight away and turn up early at seven AM to “knock” on the shop’s door.

I did manage to wake up at six AM but was too sleepy to clear my mind before I started dozing off for another hour. Irwin messaged me just in time and I quickly got up and started preparing. We met up at eight AM and it was really fortunate that Irwin could get his brother’s car again such that it greatly reduced my travelling time and waste of strength.

It was my third golfing session and we went to the second level again. The weather was fine at first but it got a little warm for some time before it drizzled for a few minutes. Everything was fine except for the number of smokers who were dying to get lung cancer.


There was not much improvement for me since I still could not withhold my own bullish strength and greed to slam the golf club towards the ball, such that I could not get a perfect hit. Nevertheless, the continuous reflections through the entire game did save my hands from having muscle ache. It was the first time I left the shooting range without internal pain, but also the first time I suffered from blisters; three burst and two recovered.

We played a total of around six hundred balls before I gave up and Irwin got himself another fifty plus and finished them in no time. It was a great relaxing morning.

We went for brunch at Vivocity and I finally got to enjoy Long John Silver’s combo one again. Irwin got himself some name card papers and ink cartridges before sending me home.

Golf would probably resume after his return from Korea next Friday.

The Week of Flu, Cough and Sore Throat

I survived the week with the sickness. Life was in fact quite easy especially when the sessions at Bukit Batok were cancelled, except for one which I was on MC.

Having no strength to speak up loud in class was a waste when I was given the chance to perform. Basically, I was handling situation totally different from the past since the people I was facing were older and that the contents were actually so little as compared to the past, and partly, I was too exhausted to implement extremely strict discipline.

Thursday’s badminton was cancelled due to my illness, and my gang was busy. There would be a temporary pause for volleyball sessions due to hindrances from a bastard.

Juraimin came into the office in his home clothes on Thursday afternoon and I was shocked by his reply that he was transferred away. I would be missing him as a good colleague who had been offering excellent services. Anyway, it would be good for him at the new place since he probably needed not work for such long hours. Nevertheless, I felt so disgusted that the bastard’s backstabbing had won the battle for now.

Lunch was a torment for everyday in my health condition. I had to give up my daily mixed vegetable rice stall, and instead, went for noodles. It was stressful having to decide on what to eat.

The only chance we got to go out for lunch was on Friday since there was no lesson during afternoon. Jingkun sent his car for repair at Pandan Gardens and then we decided to go to the temporary West Coast Market to fill our stomach but ended up trying food at a coffee shop which Weitat claimed it was ultimately unhygienic. We spent around seven bucks each for the food and drinks, including prawn and a small bowl of soup. It was one of the most awful duck rice I had ever tasted. We took a cab back to office for some work before we left for the early Deepavali “celebration”. I took bus 196 home since I was lazy to stand inside the train and squeeze with all the weird smelling, uncivilised and selfish people. The journey was one of the shortest ever.

Here and There, Stuck

The plan is still uncertain. I’m being indecisive again.

We wanted to leave earlier for the murdered enthusiasm but somehow on Monday, things turned out quite dramatic. Loyalty was involved. A month ago, the email was of a different tone.

Higher managements could never see things as clear as the staffs facing the problems directly. Who promoted the morons up in the first place?

First MC of the Year

I woke up feeling more feverish than before. My body was weak and the joints were aching. The sore throat resided for a while like the day before but the flu did not stop.

I was so terrified of myself whenever I recalled being inside the class, having to move to the back to sneeze badly. When the fluid tried to drip down from nose, it was really gross. I wanted to maintain a clean sheet record but it would certainly hurt my conscience if I were to spread the virus to others.

For the first time since the first day of my work, I went to see a doctor for medical certification. I preferred Chinese physician but it was too bad their certification might not be recognised.

The polyclinic was crowded and I waited for around forty people before I got my queue number. Doctor Sally was busy as usual and when I asked about Doctor Kok Leong, the nurse at the registration counter was stunned and told me that he had been transferred to the headquarter. She checked my record and realised my last visit to the polyclinic was in year 2006, which was more than a year ago.

Surprisingly, I needed not wait as long as the usual two plus hours to get everything done. The doctor, Doctor Mark, assigned to me was from Ireland. I managed to get to see him quite soon with the absence of two to three patients who were not around after their numbers were flashed for minutes. He seemed to be having flu as well. It was a common infection inside my body.

The medicines prescribed were:
Loratadine 10mg Tab
Glycerin Thymol CO Gargle 100ml
Dequalinium CL 0.25mg Loz
Promethazine Codeine Co Linctus
Amoxicillin Cap

As usual, for as far as I could remember, the doctor asked the same question, “Do you need an MC for today?” – How about the next day? The medicine prescribed would definitely cause drowsiness and how could the virus be wiped off within a day? Since I did not want to miss work longer, I did not try my luck.

I spent yesterday lying on the bed, having too much sleep to doze off again.