KTV and Dinner at Cineleisure

On Monday, we had lunch at Bukit Timah hawker centre. This time round, both Daniel and Jennifer joined us. The chicken chop Jingkun and I took were not impressive for they required really sharp knives in order to slice them apart. After that, we went to Sunset Way at the Daily Scope restaurant for ice-cream. It was my first visit to the route even though it was so near Clementi.

After getting back to office, I continued to do my website. Some time later, Jingkun and Weitat joined some other colleagues to play badminton. I did not know they were playing on that day since I did not receive the email and probably due to some communication problem. There was suggestion to bring me home to fetch my stuffs or Weitat could get some clothes from his home but I found it too troublesome.

The stay inside the office proved worthwhile for I managed to debug some stuffs. Needless to say, the progress to my website had risen to another level.

In the evening, we went to Chervons for karaoke. I was actually not keen about it but the fear of spoiling their fun drove me to join in. Basically, singing around three or four songs in two hours was a waste of money and time, especially when I was tired.

Mingfa left a bit earlier to return the car to his sister while the rest of us went to Harbourfront Centre to pick him up before going to Cineleisure for dinner at the Hong Kong cafe. I had a cup of plain milk tea while the rest of the food did not appeal to me. Moreover, my mum had informed me earlier that she had cooked pork rib soup and I did not want to waste the food at home. Mingli shared her big French toast with me.

After we returned to the carpark opposite, Jingkun’s car was covered with bird shit.

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