Movie with Jonathan Tan Er Xin

Tuesday’s lunch was at Jurong Point together with Mingli. Mingfa probably did not join us due to his x-ray appointment at NUH. We dined at the stall called “Lai Lai”, which sold mainly duck. It was a pretty expensive meal for duck rice.

We shopped at the supermarket for the next day’s pot luck gathering before sending Mingli home with the food.

It was the last day of work before the long weekends since we were given three days’ off. After Weitat and Jingkun left, I confirmed with Guoxin the time to meet up while I continued with my work.

Guoxin arrived in his dad’s car and we proceeded straight to Vivocity where we got the tickets to the movie “Painted Skin”. Next, we walked around and eventually landed at the Food Republic food court. I tried to bring down the wall between him and my buddies but his mindset was different from others.

The movie “Painted Skin” was not bad, except that both Guoxin and I expected more grand action scenes.

The movie was more of an “excuse” for meeting him up. I missed the days the entire group got together and went for beach and even movie together. Many things could not be pieced back especially with just a tiny single strength.

After the movie, I actually wanted to bring him to either the Henderson Waves or Marina South Pier but he seemed tired. He sent me home straight away, which was the greatest decision with the drizzling.

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