Badminton with Guilt

I got a little stressed on Wednesday on the Gallery2 project. I hated simple talks when actions were far beyond imagination. The frustration was caused by some guilt as well since the holiday mood had dragged the process down a lot. At least, I was spending the hours in the office well by learning PHP on my own.

We were supposed to pick Mingfa up at the nearby bus-stop for lunch together but Weitat missed the stop as we were crapping inside the car. We had lunch at Holland Village’s hawker centre near the carpark. The fish and chips I ordered from the China lady’s stall was not of satisfactory standard.

I did a little work before going down to join the rest for badminton. Mrs Ng came back specially to join us. I paired up with her and while saving a shuttle cock near the far back line, she turned behind suddenly and my racket hit hers, which ended up hitting her nose. Guilt filled my afternoon.

It was the second time I played badminton after ten years of missing-in-action in the sport and the swinging of the racket was a total new challenge to me. Without doubt, we had good games filled with fun and laughers. The spraying of insecticide halted our game and we left early, which made me feel bad since Mrs Ng had come all the way down and we could have played longer together. It seemed that other colleagues came down to join us after we left.

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