Phobia for School

Resuming work was quite exciting yet nervous.

It was a short and quick start for the day and the main objective was just a briefing.

As usual, my hairstyle was the centre of attention whenever I tried to keep them standing. Some teased that I looked like I just got up from bed, but some were impressed. I probably looked trendier than when I was in my usual untidy hair, which I did not bother to spend time on.

Mrs Ng tried to pour in more guilt inside me by reminding me of her disfigured nose, which was caused by me a week ago. She could see through me so well that she knew I had been bothered by it since that day. It served a good lesson to me so that I would use my brain more than strength in future.

The same Chinese mixed vegetable stall that I used to frequent somehow did not satisfy my tongue.

Delivering free movie tickets was the best job on earth. It was just too bad that only the best could receive them, since I felt that many people’s effort should also be awarded, despite of the end results. The moment of togetherness poured great memories into my heart, soaking me with the reluctance to part with them.

There was a small search for laptop in the afternoon and I was glad that I was able to offer sufficient help. Madam Seet was definitely one of those whom I was going to worry about after my departure even though she was one of the most senior around.

Weitat, Jingkun and I had some discussion about our next steps. For me, I feared too much that I would not be able to cope with my own studies next year and I despised the fact that I was been persuaded to change my mind so many times and now that the table had turned over.

Even though I had tried to blackout at as early as around two AM, I felt sleepy throughout the day. Having to handle new assignments which I had to spend time to explore was totally off my initial plan.

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