Applied for Degree at University of Wollongong

After almost a week’s holiday, going back to the office was quite annoying. Travelling was a waste of time especially when I was already back to the mood of website developing.

It started raining right before lunch and we went to pick Mingli up before proceeding to IKEA. I had a plate of chicken drumstick. The sightseeing at the IKEA restaurant was good when there were sweet girls around, especially a very pretty girl in St. Margaret uniform.

After lunch, we waited for Jingkun to digest his ice-cream before proceeding to SIM. It was the first step to a new beginning of my life, which was a major milestone.

Jingkun had forgotten to tell me that registration would require two passport sized photos. The photo booth benefited my six bucks, and Mingli had her share of joy by making fun of my sleepy looks inside the photos. Anyway, I realised I had wasted my time to get six one-dollar coins as the machine did accept notes.

At the registration counter, I was stunned when I was asked for the course I wanted to apply for and luckily Jingkun was around. I managed to get over my embarrassment while filling in the application form which required all the dates of my educational statuses.

Since I knew clearly that only part-time scheme was offered for my course <a href="
” target=”_blank”>Bachelor of Information Technology (Computing), when the guy asked me if I were going to take up full-time or part-time for it, I was quick enough to “shoot” him back and he mentioned he was just trying to be clear. After paying the registration fee of $53.50 at the payment counter, we left.

I would probably get a reply within a month and the confirmation of the course for next 15 January intake had to be made before 15 November. With the commencing of the course, I would probably regain a broke person again after a year of a normal lifestyle. The final decision would based on whether if I were able to have the two-year advanced standing, such that I would be able to get into the third year directly.

I was not confident of getting good results for the degree course since there were a number of theory-based modules, which I was weak at. So much for the plan to study “full-time” in order to concentrate, the peer pressure to continue working was strong. Working while studying could of course give me the financial stability, however, the focus should be on getting good grades.

At the carpark, we saw a pretty girl who had just parked her car, and we started chatting that that would be the best girlfriend we could ever get, or rather, I was the one who started the joke.

Mingli insisted to go home straight away instead of accompanying us back to office even though Jingkun was getting ready to leave immediately. We were stunned when Jingkun drove to Mingli’s place first, such that he would be making another trip back since he stayed quite near to Mingli.

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