Blogger’s Layout and Niece’s Birthday Party

Last Saturday, a sudden intelligence strike me and I suddenly understood the new Blogger Layout’s coding. I had not heard of any new feature coding for the old Template style and therefore, there was certainly a need to move on to Layout. We had to move on with technologies.

In the late afternoon, I had to put aside my project and accompany my family to my little niece’s birthday party. The location was at Simei and my younger brother decided to take bus instead of the train since he was using concession pass.

We took bus 145 and alighted outside the Central and transited to bus 12. I was ready for the more than one hour journey, took off my spectacle and started dozing by the side of the bus.

We arrived late but were in time for the birthday cake cutting. The ice-cream cake was delicious but was of a little small portion. The food on the table could probably last us for another day. There were chicken wings, satays, fish balls, fish and chicken nuggests, otak, fish cake, eggs, mee hoon, laksa and others.

They had a big dog called Kenneth who wetted my entire hand with his saliva. There were chatting and soon, we switched the television from channel 8 to channel U for my favourite “鹿鼎记”.

At 9.30 PM, we left together with my auntie, cousin and her boyfriend. We walked to Simei MRT and took the opposite direction’s train so that we could get seats on the long journey back to Tanjong Pagar.

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