Bukit Batok Phobia

Walking in heavy feet, dragging on my tired body, it was not an easy morning. I did try to sleep at three AM but it took me more than an hour to doze off; I had to blame myself for falling asleep in the late evening and too many things were running in my mind.

It was a new experience in partnering at the old place which I had not been there for more than a semester. It was supposed to be a relaxing place with no work commitment but somehow, seriousness overwhelmed.

I was pretty lost at words for the lack of knowledge and poor command of language. Partly, I had lost my drive since drained out in the previous semester. In contrast, Kevin was just too outstanding, releasing the long suppressed inferior feeling from my most inner heart.

I made a silly decision to gobble up my food to rush for the lesson which I was supposed to be late for, and with that, I might need to continue with the commitment twice per week.

It was the first time I did not get to check my email at all with the usual interruption of minor issue, and later on, the tea session with Dust. Oliver arrived with the kids later and we started crapping together.

I hated big group meeting especially when I was extremely lack of sleep. I almost dozed off so often and had to put up a bit of drama to cover up for my nodding of head.

Weitat and I packed up and went to the hall straight away. The volleyball game was tempting but I did not bring my gears along. Weitat announced about the session the day before but I was as usual, did not catch the full story and also, forgot to ask him about it when I was free.

I simply sat by the side of the hall to watch them play. They had some training before getting into match. All the while, luckily for Oliver was besides me with his full-of-shit craps.

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