Faris’ Farewell Party

I had a very tough morning, but at least it was the last time for this year to go down all the way to Bukit Batok.

Me, Faris, Alamelu, Joy Koh

In the afternoon, the kids organised a farewell party for Faris. The photo on the cake impressed me. We waited quite long for Joy to join us. The humorous speeches from Faris were really motivating but sad. I could have left before him and I did not expect him to reach the finishing line earlier.

Leaving during the mid of the term was probably good since there would be chance of a gathering, unlike during the holidays.

Badminton was therefore being delayed for nearly an hour. By the time I reached the hall, they were already having fun. Alan joined in and we played together with Weiming, Bernard and Daniel with some rotating of players, and Jingkun joined us in the last round. In the end, I played single with Alan before ending the day.

I did not doze off upon reaching home like any other week day.

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