Golf for the Second Time

I’m trembling so much on my left hand that holding a bottle of drink gives problems. It was since Friday, during the golf session with Irwin, my body entire was whacked.

I was supposed to meet him up early at seven AM in the morning but both of us felt lazy and we pushed the nine AM appointment further into the evening. He was sending his girlfriend off at the airport and we managed to meet up at around six PM, and he was actually late for half an hour.

We strolled over to the driving range from Queenstown MRT station, which was in fact quite near. It was my second trip there and my second try on golfing as well.

The glove to be worn on the left hand cost eighteen bucks, whereas the rental of each club was two bucks. 150 balls were at the price of ten bucks. The glove could probably last a few trips and therefore, it was not an extremely expensive sport like what everyone would have thought like me before I first stepped into the driving range.

This time, we went to the second level. I started off telling myself not to act like a bull, and instead, to analyse by trial and error on my posture. It began all well and there was great improvements that I managed to hit the ball over the 65 metres signboard. Nevertheless, my greediness slowly took over control of my brain and I started using strength to hit the ball further, and I was close to the 95 metres signboard.

The few eager tries soon brought my ego down, with the miscue of the club. I was drained further from the previous days of sports and my back injury sang the same tune of my exhaustion.

When Irwin started correcting me over my posture and ineffective use of strength, it was too late. My left hand was too tired to grab the club firmly. I persisted on with another 50 balls and out of luck, I managed to do the correct swinging a few times and the impact of the golf club on the ball gave off beautiful sound.

After dehydrating ourselves, we ended the game and sat inside a café next to the billiard centre to replenish our body. Then, we had a tough time waiting for bus 51.

Irwin had bought some titbits from his previous Korea trip with his girlfriend, my so-called “da sao”, and thus I followed him home to get my share of goodies. My main purpose was just to visit his house and experience what he called as climbing the hill. Indeed, we had a tough time climbing up the estimated half kilometre of slope.

Right after getting my free goodies, he took his brother’s car and we set off for the nasi lemak stall near the NUS campus. After the dinner, he sent me home.

After bathing, I sat in front of my computer to realise that even my right hand was weak and that it took me too much effort to simply click on the left mouse. Thus, I went into the room to enjoy the massage chair and right after that, I dozed off on the bed and it was only around midnight.

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